4 Key Features That You Should Look for When Buying Truck Mounted Attenuators

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Different manufacturers of truck-mounted attenuators (TMAs) add different features to TMAs in order to make them easy to use. This article discusses some of those features that you should pay attention to when you are shopping for TMAs for your road repair company.

Custom Lighting

Truck-mounted attenuators are usually equipped with a lighting system to serve different purposes, such as improving worksite lighting at night and providing road diversion information to motorists at night. Some TMAs are equipped with a single lighting system, such as the use of incandescent lights. Other TMAs can have a variety of lighting systems, such as those using LED lights or incandescent lights. Pick a lighting system that allows you to switch between all lighting options available on the market. Such a system will allow you to keep altering the type of lights to suite the different lighting needs that you may have as work is done. You should also make sure that you pick TMAs with the most easy cable routing mechanism so that it isn't hard to mount or dismount the lights.

Activation Controls

Another helpful feature that you should be on the look out for is the "push-to-activate" control. This makes it easy for the TMA operator to raise or lower the TMA by pushing a button. Other TMAs may have mechanical control levers that operators may find tiring to use. You can also get a TMA that has a buzzer that helps to alert the operator each time that the TMA has not been fully deployed. Such a feature can be an additional way to confirm that each TMA has been properly deployed before work begins.

Hydraulic System Accessibility

You should also pay attention to how accessible the hydraulic pumps and reservoirs of different TMAs are. Those components need frequent inspection or maintenance. Employees will appreciate it if you purchase truck-mounted attenuators that have easily accessible hydraulic reservoirs and pumps. This is because such accessibility will enable the operator or maintenance technician to do his or her work quickly.

Swivel Castors

Pick TMAs that have swivel castors on them. Such a feature will make it easy for the attenuators to be mounted, dismounted or moved to a storage area once the TMA truck has completed its work at the end of the day. TMAs without swivel castors may be more labour-intensive to move because employees may have to carry them, and yet pushing the attenuator may have been an easier option.

Use the features above as a starting point for you to develop a checklist of desirable attributes of the best TMAs to rent or buy, and then contact a local supplier like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd