New Lawn? Here's How to Avoid Urine Stains from Your Dog

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Much like you would want to keep newly-installed carpet looking as new and clean as possible for as long as possible, you will want to do the same with a newly-installed lawn. Lawn installation during landscaping projects results in a fresh, pristine patch of greenery, and you will want to keep it looking this way for as long as you can.

This task becomes somewhat more difficult when you have a four-legged friend. So-called urine burn resulting from your dog relieving itself can quickly add unsightly yellow patches to a lawn. However, it is possible to keep a newly-installed lawn free of these annoying patches of yellow.

Diluting the Urine Immediately

If it's a small patch of grass, you might find it easy enough to simply water the spot immediately after urination, thus diluting the urine to the point where it is unlikely to cause damage. A small watering can will do this job, and you can just periodically change the water and keep it handy. Of course, this method relies on someone being at home with the dog most of the time, and it might not be feasible to monitor the lawn as much as can be needed.

Treating Individual Patches

Still, the watering can approach will at least minimise the impact of urine burn on your grass. You can do even more by cutting the lawn, removing the damaged blades of grass and then treating any remaining patches with a specialist lawn rejuvenator (available from garden shops and even some pet shops) designed to offset urine burn and restore the green.

Tackling the Problem at Its Source

If your new patch of grass is still becoming stained despite your best efforts (which can be the case if you have a large dog or more than one dog), then there is something else you can do. Have a word with your vet about adding a specialist supplement to your dog's diet (even though these supplements generally do not require a prescription). It regulates the amount of nitrogen that is expelled in your dog's urination, meaning that those yellow patches on your lawn will soon be a thing of the past.

You don't need to helplessly watch your beautiful new green lawn quickly become blighted by unpleasant yellow stains (even though your dog is only doing what comes naturally). It doesn't take much effort at all to keep that green looking nice and pristine.