The Popular Graphic Design Trends to Invest in for Your Business

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Most people do not really give a lot of thought into aspects of business advertising such as graphic design. At most, top-level managers hire either an in-house designer or an agency to do it. It is important to realise that the type of content you put out there directly affects the image you are creating for your brand. Graphic design is one of those fields that evolves every single day, and if you want your brand to stand out, you have to move with the latest trends. Here are three trends that you should have your graphic design team invest in.

Three Dimensional Designs

3D design has been popular for a long time now. Previously, illustrations were done using flat 3D stick figures and avatars. However, it is now possible to breathe life into your advertising and other paperwork. When you create designs in 3D, you animate the world around you. You can even use 3D to enhance your web pages and create virtual reality experiences. The crucial thing is looking for a designer who understands 3D enough to make it a reality for you.

Less is More

People have moved away from large screens such as laptops and are spending time on their mobile phones. What might have been visually appealing on these large screens no longer holds the same intrigue. If you want your clients to be drawn to your designs, invest in uncluttered visuals set on a bold-coloured backdrop. Colour pallets inspired by the seventies have become very popular, as well as styles including duotones and fades.

Combine Realism and Flat Design

Another style that almost all designers are exploiting of late is a combination of flat surfaces and real-life objects. If for instance, you are selling bottled juice, having the bottles laid out on a flat surface and taking their photos challenges the way people see design. You can add a chaotic mix of solids to create that perfect futuristic feel, and you can even have floating elements for the aesthetic appeal.

Other trending graphic design techniques include open compositions and eclectic designs. The starting point of great design work is the person you hire to do it. When interviewing designers, there is one quality you need to look for — their level of disruptive thinking. As long as their thinking is more out of the box than that of others in the market, you are assured they will be a positive addition to your design. 

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