How to Choose the Right Type of Forklift Truck for Your New Venture

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When trading conditions change so quickly, commercial opportunities can appear out of the blue. You may have identified a new solution and believe that you can bring a certain product to market quite quickly, but to do so, you need to build some new infrastructure first. If you are opening up a warehouse facility for the first time to stockpile your new solution, you'll need equipment to help you move it and might be on the lookout for your first forklift truck. What factors do you need to think about as you shop for this vital tool?


Forklift trucks come in all shapes and sizes. There are various different designs available and each is based on the operating environment. The first thing you need to do, therefore, is to design your warehouse to take into account your opportunity and then take accurate measurements of its footprint.


Typically, a warehouse has aisles that are set out in a grid pattern and shelves that can be stacked up to a considerable height. This can help to take full advantage of relatively restricted floor space, but you will need a certain type of truck if you are to function correctly.


Remember, you need to choose a truck that can operate within the restrictions posed by each aisle. Obviously, the truck has to physically fit down each aisle, but it will have very particular turning characteristics. Many trucks have a sizeable overhang to the rear, which acts as a counterweight. These trucks can pivot around the back wheels as well and do not behave like a conventional car or truck.

Lifting and Loading

You will then need to figure out your loading and lifting capability. How much will your average load be if you are to maximise your opportunity? How high will you stack your products as this will determine the mast design for the truck?

Experienced Advice

As you decide, you should talk with people who are experienced in this area. They will tell you how your truck is likely to perform in a given environment so you can choose the right configuration and not make any mistakes. They will have experience behind the wheel of such a truck and can also tell you how to manoeuvre it and how to configure your aisle design accordingly.

Buying New

If you expect to have a lot of work ahead and need a truck that is fully reliable, you should only think about buying new. You will be able to get a good deal based on either outright purchase or lease and should talk with a local supplier for further information on new forklifts for sale.