Why You Need To Look For Issues Before Taking Ownership Of Your New Home

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If you're getting ready to move into a house that has just been built, you may be looking forward to making it your own. You may trust the builder, but while it all looks great to you, there may nevertheless be cause for concern. If any issues were to be uncovered, the sooner that they would be addressed, the better, instead of leaving them to develop into something much larger. Consequently, you should bring in an independent home inspector to have a good look at everything before you take hold of the keys.

Looks Versus Practicality

Many homes today are designed to look good without always taking into account practicality. They may be built according to a very specific design that may incorporate the vision of the new owner, or it may have been built according to certain restrictions that were laid down by a homeowner's association. For example, such an association may bar the use of external guttering because they feel that it detracts from the overall look of the neighbourhood. Consequently, contractors have to take this into account when they design and build the home to try to ensure that it drains well.

Poor Design

However, this can often cause issues when rainwater is directed to one area instead of another and the drainage issue is forced in this way. The water may be left to its own devices when it does finally get to ground level, and this can also be a major problem in the making. What happens if the patio was laid incorrectly and slopes in towards the house instead of away? When you add all of those issues together, you can quickly see how drainage problems could arise.

Hidden Issues

If you were to go ahead without an inspection, then you may find out only later that moisture has been allowed to invade the home, causing damp patches or even problems with the foundation. These issues could be very costly to fix after the fact and should be taken care of before you take full ownership. If it becomes apparent that your home would be vulnerable without a proper guttering system, then you should talk with your homeowner's association about that issue too.

The Best Course

Always bring in a new residential inspections professional before you sign on the dotted line. It will be money well spent and will help ensure that you enjoy your new property.