Top Six Website Design Trends 2020

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Websites were once seen as supplementary to physical retail stores and locations but have now become the main base of operations for many companies across the globe. Consequently, web design trends have been constantly changing and innovating. Below are the top six trends gaining traction in the web-design industry right now.

Increased audio integration

Audio integration into websites was once deemed as an annoyance and had the potential to cause unwanted disturbances, but now it is steadily growing on the rise. With innovations in audio integration into websites finding immersive and non-intrusive ways to integrate their audio, website design professionals will be able to make use of audio in very creative ways. One practical application is using audio integration to aide with international websites that deal with visitors from all over the world.

Vintage & retro design

Vintage and retro designs are increasingly gaining popularity from users as the desire for nostalgia and throwbacks ever increases. These sort of design trends are often influenced by popular culture and media, which has seen a trend of going back to the past in recent years.

3D Implementation

A very exciting trend in web design is the use of 3D images or features for use and implementation in websites. Using 3D elements in web design gives websites a striking depth and contrast feature that can help to keep users attention and adds a certain element of realism and physicality to websites. Expect to see less and less flat imaging and more and more three-dimensional imaging.

Emphasis on emotional design

With 'emojis' swiftly becoming everyday vernacular for most people when talking online, this desire to reflect emotions through imagery and texts has also changed the way web designers think about creating websites. Before, companies were more practical-minded, focusing on usability, accessibility, and direct information, but have now realised that emotional applications and integration is just as important. Expect to see designers creating more and more tools for their emotional toolkits when designing websites in the future.

Animating photos

A popular trend amongst web designers is combining photographs with simple 2d visual augmentation, often in a cartoonish aesthetic. This a great way to represent contrast in websites and can further be customised to contain interactive features. Expect to see this trend to continue and be used in more and more exciting ways.

'Dark mode'

Dark mode refers to a dark aesthetic background and layout for web design and has become very popular with internet users. Dark mode is very aesthetically pleasing, giving websites a clean, modern, and sleek look. Furthermore, dark mode has become popular as it contrasts excellently with brighter colours used for type-fonts, making content much easier to read.